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Chinese medicine enables us to restore balance within our organism and stay aligned in the environment we live in. 

When a human organism looses its balance, physical, emotional or mental health issues can result. Symptoms serve as messengers calling for our attention and care. Together we will explore the correlations of your symptoms and the underlying cause of the imbalance you are experiencing. Acupuncture and various other naturopathic tools can provide the conditions to resolve that underlying cause leading to profound and lasting change. During this process, you will become aware of unconscious patterns and I will help you access the necessary changes and inspire you to develop a healing realationship to yourself. In my experience, disease and suffering carry a great potential for development. With the right kind of help, a (health-)crisis can reveal a whole new experience of vitality, alignment and purpose.

Our health often reacts to the following factors:

  • Blockages caused by injuries, accidents or operations

  • unresolved emotions and traumatic experiences

  • repressed needs and desires

  • unconscious patterns

  • collective conditioning and global changes

  • lifestyle and environmental toxins

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